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Hello, I’m Katie. Thank you for visiting my page, and, if you have been kind enough to do so, for buying my book!

I am a writer. Or at least, part time, I am a writer. Memories of a Lost Thesaurus is my moonlighting debut.

Full time, I am a wife, Corporate Something Or Other, cat lover, and incurable optimist. I have also found time to become addicted to writing competitions, Netflix and dark chocolate stout. I have, in the past, been lucky enough to be a winner of the wonderful WriteOnSite competition,  writing flash-fiction online on a set theme within a half hour time limit.

Since childhood, aside from a brief period when I wanted to be a shepherdess and another brief period when I wanted to be an actress, I have been scribbling stories, novels and plans for novels in increasingly illegible handwriting. Luckily I am now old enough to own a computer, and so can read the things I have written, usually immediately developing an intense hatred for them. During the writing process, however, I remain convinced that they are works of genius, and love nothing more than being deep in the world of the characters I have invented, and then finding myself faintly surprised to rediscover real life.

I wrote Memories of a Lost Thesaurus over a period of about a year and then edited it, rewrote it, scrapped it, resurrected it, and edited it again ad nauseum, for what felt like approximately 400 further years. I’m now quite proud of it. Or maybe I am just relieved to be finished with it – it’s hard to tell. It revolves around a group of characters and a flooded block of flats. Everyone has something to fix – but the flood is the least of it. It’s about bullying, and blame, and being trapped. I would love it if you read it, I would love it if you liked it. Either way, I am pleased not to be editing it any more…

My next novel, Puck’s Legacy, about a troupe of actors taking a rather drastic refuge from the tedium of their lives, is in the planning stage and I admit to being absolutely obsessed with it. (It’s currently a work of genius, remember?)  The trick, of course, will be to squeeze it in among all the other things – there are just too many fascinating things to do, and not enough days to squeeze them all into.

I believe in books because they create a community, and, whether you are a fellow writer or a fellow reader I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on email, via my facebook page or just comment below.

In the meantime, keep reading, writing, or just playing around on the internet, whichever interest it was that brought you here.

Best wishes and good luck with whatever you’re working on,


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