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Hello, I’m Katie. Thank you for visiting my page, and, if you have been kind enough to do so, for buying my books!

Memories of a Lost Thesaurus was my moonlighting debut and my second book, Puck’s Legacy, was release in September 2023.

Since childhood, aside from a brief period when I wanted to be a shepherdess and another brief period when I wanted to be an actress, I have been scribbling stories, novels and plans for novels in increasingly illegible handwriting. Luckily I am now old enough to own a computer, and so can read the things I have written, usually immediately developing an intense hatred for them. During the writing process, however, I remain convinced that they are works of genius, and love nothing more than being deep in the world of the characters I have invented, and then finding myself faintly surprised to rediscover real life.

Memories of a Lost Thesaurus revolves around a four people and a flooded block of flats. Everyone has something to fix – but the flood is the least of it. It’s about bullying, and blame, and being trapped. I would love it if you read it, I would love it if you liked it. Either way, I am pleased not to be editing it any more…

Puck’s Legacy is about what happens when you escape from reality into fiction, and whether it’s possible to return. It’s about drama, love and extremism, but mostly it’s about obsession. It was a beast to write, and a brutal little beast at that, but I’m in love with everybody in it.

I have several other novels on the go – (I’m capricious, what can I say?). Unforgotten Monsters is set in a mysterious village in which everything looks right…but isn’t somehow… It is currently waiting in my drawer to be released and edited after a suitable period.

To Be Frank and Things As They Are are both in the planning stage.

I believe in books because they create a community, and, whether you are a fellow writer or a fellow reader I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on email, via my facebook page or just comment below.

In the meantime, keep reading, writing, or just playing around on the internet, whichever interest it was that brought you here.

Best wishes and good luck with whatever you’re working on,


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