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Memories of a Lost Thesaurus

“The problem with life is there is just too much of it. You identify one thing and it leads to another. Nothing is simply one thing only…It’s like trying to read through a foreign thesaurus. You look up one word and you find another twenty. If you look up even one of those twenty, you are already forty meanings away from the first one. And there’s a good chance one of those brings you back to the start.”

The lives of Alice, Cath and Patrick are thrown into disarray when their new build apartments are suddenly flooded. Only it’s not quite clear if that’s really where it started. Alice is tormented by a ghost from her past, and Cath by a more substantial one in her present. But whose fault is it? The predator? Or the prey?

And which is which?

Easier, all round, to blame the river.


Nice People Said…

“Have just devoured this in 3 days. Brilliant and very readable, but still manages to be both clever and beautiful…”

“A real page turner…”

“The characters are so human and real and I instantly warmed to them. The story left me thinking about it…”


Works in Progress 

Drafted and in the Editing Process…         

Puck’s Legacy

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber’d here
While these visions did appear…”

But what if you haven’t?

Are you an audience member?

Or a witness?








Newly drafted and ‘resting’ before edit…

Where the Lost Things Are

Artwork by Tim Judd.

“Above all, never give up.”

Lost in more ways than one, Clara takes shelter from a storm in a strange village. At first, she is simply relieved to have escaped the weather, but, as she begins to explore, she becomes increasingly unnerved by The Village’s odd, disjointed nature, creepy dead ends and geographical features that don’t quite fit.

Worse, she seems to be unable to leave.

Somehow, she must piece together the mystery of what exactly The Village is – and the devastating identity of its inhabitants.



Next Idea, waiting impatiently for me to finish editing before planning it out…

To Be Frank

“You know Frank. Of course you do. He’s the one who caused The Crisis. We all hate Frank. Don’t we? 

What’s funny, is that there was a time when we all loved Frank. 

What’s even funnier, is that for someone so famous, he never really had a voice. For one reason or another, he always had to keep quiet. There was a time when we needed, for his sake, and our own, to collectively talk over him. It saved his life, and ours.

There was a time before that when we didn’t need to talk over him, but, somehow, we all still did.

And now? Now he’s in hiding. Once again, keeping quiet. 

So someone needs to tell his story for him.

Me. Yes. I’m breaking my silence.

But you won’t like it because it’s going to be the truth.”

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